About Lee Peterson Photography

Artist Statement

Although I have been taking photographs most of my life my goal has never altered.  My vision of life is a dream and I can use photography to reveal those dreams. My photographic translations can last for years and never seem to be finished. They seem to evolve as I progress.

My photography can be categorized into many styles; street photography and abstract concepts, travel, nature, commercial and advertising, also highly technical styles where custom lenses or set-ups are required. I love the diversity because I am always learning from new adventures. I like to climb the mountain of creativity. I learned from my father that some mistakes are worth repeating and not to be afraid of trying. It is the process of learning and progress that inspires me the most.

I see the world in visual metaphors and moods and through the use of photography record the happiness, sadness, abstraction and concreteness of the world we live on as it hurls in orbit around a star in space.

“Peace on Earth or the Earth in little pieces”Lee Peterson, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

The art work of Lee Peterson's Global art constructions for designers or private art collectors show a wide range of unique design styles. These global art style of photographic images in abstract form and color are suitable for art collectors and designers and are created by Lee Peterson.   Daniele Arnaud, Artist Representative.

Lee Peterson Artist/Photographer

Artist/Photographer Lee Peterson has a way of documenting his surroundings that is both natural and provocative and reveals the ambiguous reflection of his observing mind. Marvelous stories reside within the borders of his images. In contemplating these images the viewer is as much captured as is the photographic image. With his observant eye Peterson gives us first a reference point in identifying the object - or so we thought.  Then takes us in for a closer look catching fleeting moments from our own experiences. Simple things…the beauty of a stone, a motion captured in time, memories reflecting our past. These moments are straightforward bits of time that articulate the everyday world we live in but are too busy to stop and appreciate. As Lee says, “The things that go unnoticed are often the things we need the most - reflections and emotions”.

         "I think your love of nature and excitement at the play of light and dark, linear and   curved objects, the what is it question in your macro work, and your incredible eye for the artistic image is what attracts so many people to your photography".  Ann Gallon, Bakersfield,CA